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Applications must be completed in French or English and include: Projects submitted for the BMW Residency must be meaningful with a focus on innovation and experimentation offering a fresh vision of our world in motion using technical, narrative, documentary, and comic techniques as required, and drawing on GOBELINS resources and François Cheval's expertise.

Projects must be original and exclusive to the BMW Residency and must not have bmw rencontres arles presented, even partially, at the time of application.

Bonnes visites 1. Philippe Chancel Datazone Philippe Chancel a mené durant quinze ans une exploration de sites sensibles sur notre planète, pour ausculter le monde et observer les symptômes les plus alarmants de son déclin.

Moreover, they must not be exhibited prior to the Site rencontre chretien gratuit non payant d'Arles or Paris Photo fair. Please note that: Any applications that do not meet these criteria will not be selected.

This call for applications can be downloaded from the following websites: BMW Group France: The 10 preselected photographers will be notified by email. They will then be asked to: Selection of the winner by the jury: The shortlisted applications will be reviewed by a jury comprising: Maryse Bataillard has been head of corporate communication and cultural engagement at BMW France since October 1, Inshe set up the company Nomadebo in Singapore specializing in sales and promotion of fair-trade goods.

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Nathalie Berriat: Nathalie Berriat has directed the Gobelins visual arts school since Having previously bmw rencontres arles as director of educational innovation at the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she began her career in the LVMH Group as assistant chief human resources officer in charge of training and internal communication for Bon Marché. Inshe joined Bossard Consultants, where she worked as a consulting engineer.

bmw rencontres arles

InNathalie Berriat joined the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry through a position with Négocia, business school, which has bmw rencontres arles been renamed Novancia.

She bmw rencontres arles the discrete training department offering tailored courses to company-specific groups untilbefore being appointed head of the masters program. InNathalie Berriat took up post as head of educational innovation for schools within the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry group. She is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and holds a masters degree in labor law. François Cheval: François Cheval was born in Belfort in and now lives and works in Chalon-sur-Saône.

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Having studied history and ethnology, he has curated museums since In this role, he set about eliminating preconceptions surrounding photography, while also demonstrating the originality of photographs through a fresh approach to museum management and communication.

As an extension of projects developed outside museums, he now works alone or with The Red Eye as an artistic director and exhibition curator determined to challenge accepted wisdom in photography as a medium and discipline by creating opportunities for discovery, questioning and perhaps also pleasure.

Rencontres d'Arles : dix itinéraires français - Le Point

Hervé Digne: Private collector of contemporary art and photography, Hervé is involved in culture and creative industries. President of Cofiloisirs, one of the two film financing institutions, he is also President of Manifesto, that develops cultural and artistic initiatives in urban areas by encouraging dialogue between companies, artists and territories.

As a supporter of cultural diversity, he has been the president of the Forum d'Avignon, whose he was one of the founders.

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To facilitate the donation to the State of Yvon Lambert's collection, he assumed the Presidency of the Lambert Collection. Chantal Nedjib: She is the joint president of the organization Les filles de photo, the first professional network promoting women in photography.

bmw rencontres arles

Sam Stourdzé: Sam Stourdzé is a specialist in images. His research relates to the contexts in which they are produced, disseminated and viewed. In recent years, he has been examining mechanisms involved in the circulation of images, with a focus on the relationship between photography, art, bmw rencontres arles cinema.

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Photographes, stars et artistes Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars and Artists.

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Christoph Wiesner: Since his arrival at Paris Photo inhe has been working in collaboration with Florence Bourgeois to expand the fair's offer, among other things by creating additional sectors such as PRISMES, Curiosa and Films in partnership with mk2. Yes, you can apply.

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If I am preselected but live overseas, how is the interview with the jury conducted? In exceptional circumstances, which must be supported by documentation, a remote video-conference appointment may be arranged with the jury.

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If I live overseas and am selected for the final jury meeting, who will pay my travel expenses? The BMW Residency can pay for a single journey including the cost of one return ticket from your place of residence to Paris.

bmw rencontres arles

The purpose of the Residency is to provide exposure for photographers with innovative projects, and thus enable them to find a gallery or hold subsequent bmw rencontres arles.